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FONTAINE BRAKE COMPANY is a Florida-based company specializing in the development and manufacturing of new inventions in the automotive and personal safety fields.


Fontaine builds a wide range of 'pancake' style seat sensors that were originally designed by our parent company, New Products Development Group. Nearly 40 years of worldwide use has proven that this style seat sensor far exceeds the longevity and reliability of any other seat switch while offering trouble-free installation.


We have been manufacturing our own patented custom seat sensors for automotive, fire truck, fire-rescue, ambulance, and industrial and farm equipment manufacturers for over 30 years.



Our seat switches are widely accepted throughout the automotive industry, and several variations of our sensors have been used as standard equipment by most car manufacturers for the past 30 years.


Our seat sensors are designed to be factory-installed into the seat at the time of manufacture, in order for the sensor to activate or deactivate a variety of equipment, stop the vehicle, or turn off the engine when the driver is out of the seat.


Fontaine Brake also manufactures its own patented electronic timing pack that delays the sensor activation for a pre-determined period of time. In addition, Fontaine Brake also manufactures its own patented self-resetting thermal fuse that protects the sensor when high amperage occurs.


All of our products comply with, or exceed, the new NFPA 1901 standards, as well as California Technical Bulletin 117, which exceeds the NFPA standards.


Our products are protected by 32 current & pending U.S. & foreign patents.





We are currently working on a Multi-Purpose seat sensor for use when two or more separate applications need to be integrated into the same sensor, as well as a Retro-Fit seat sensor that can be installed post-manufacture in an existing seat.


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